Helping people in central New Mexico find wholeness and healing through professional psychological counseling and education.

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Our Therapists

Dr. Miquela Rivera, Clinical Director

Jackie Perez, LCSW, St. Joseph Center for Children and Families, Program Director

Anthony Baca, LPCC

Deanna Esquibel Hopkins, LPCC
Tom Hawley, LCSW

Loni Higgins, LMSW
Patricia Lake, LPCC, MS

Marge Lucas, LCSW, LADAC
Natalya Nelson, PhD

Fidel Ramirez, LMHC


Beatriz Villegas, LMSW
MJ Zimmerman, LCSW

Juan Casaus, LPCC

Margarita Galvis, MA, CCHW

Diane Harmon, RN, LCSW

Marc Irwin, PhD

Joan Levine, LCSW
Ruston Mitchell, LMSW

Natty Plunkett, LMFT

Sara Snow, LMSW

Barbara Wasylenki, LCSW

Administrative Staff

John Grassham, Interim CEO and President

Ernest Rodriguez-Naaz, Chief Development Officer