Helping people in central New Mexico find wholeness and healing through professional psychological counseling and education.

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The Samaritan Center for Changing Families & Court Orders

Created to serve the unique needs of adults and children experiencing the pain and distress
of divorce, major family transitions or post-divorce conflict.

Experienced staff, uniquely-tailored services

Wise Parent Counseling: Wise Parent counseling is akin to facilitated mediation with an educational component, and it is best suited for parents who are hoping to work cooperatively. This approach has been effective in helping parents develop an initial parenting plan or resolve issues whenever they arise. 

Cooperative Parenting Classes: SCCF offers eight-week classes for divorced or separated parents to prepare them to work together in the Wise Parent program, joint therapy, or on their own. These classes provide parent education about the impact of conflict on children, post-separation parental communication and cooperative parenting skills. Divorced parents or parents living apart do not attend the same class.

Mediation: These services are offered to assist parents in reaching a mutually-acceptable plan for timesharing with their children, and other child-related issues.  It is a confidential process in which a neutral mediator meets with parents to help them negotiate an agreement.

Therapy and Counseling: SCCF provides therapy to individuals and couples experiencing the stress of divorce, major family transitions and ongoing litigation. Clinicians are trained in the specific problems attendant to relationship failure and can help clients adjust to the reconfiguration of their families. Services are also available for children.