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Workplace Services

Workplace Services provides employee assistance programs,
organizational development services, and workplace trainings.


Innovative, local resources


Workplace Services is committed to serving the business community with innovative, local resources to help create a healthy and productive workforce and a safe workplace. The Workplace Services staff of therapists are highly qualified to help employees and employers navigate the workplace environment to optimize employee satisfaction and workplace productivity.

Workplace Services' full-time therapists are qualified to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services and organizational development/workplace training. If needed, we can refer employees seeking counseling services outside of the EAP contract to a member of the Samaritan Counseling Center staff or other service providers.

Organizational Development: Workplace Services provides organizational development services that can be used as part of a comprehensive employee assistance program or can be purchased separately as needed.

Workplace Trainings: Each training provides current information, knowledge and skills presented in a dynamic way by one of our qualified Workplace Services trainers.  

Customized contracting options for EAP services, Organizational Development and Workplace Training are available. Contact Program Director, Miquela Rivera, Ph.D. at (505) 212-7000.


Employee Assistance Program: The EAP is a program providing short-term assessment, counseling and referral for employees experiencing personal or work issues.  The program is at no cost to employees and their household members and is strictly confidential. EAP visits have no co-pay and are separate from behavioral health benefits provided by health insurance.

To schedule an appointment with an EAP counselor
please call: (505) 212-7000